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The New BNET1: Daily Dose of Management Savvy

BNET1 logoIf you haven't checked out our revamped BNET1 blog, you're missing out. Each day on BNET, London-based reporter Jessica Stillman links users to an important new management study, white paper, or other source online, then distills it down to its must-read essentials: The key "find" or insight most critical to managers, and the "takeaway," with follow-up details and analysis. Last but not least, she includes a link to the original research, for those who want the deep dive.

Today, for instance, Jessica points to a study just released by the Association of British Insurers that every CEO ought to consider a must-read, showing that public companies (in the U.K.) that practice great corporate governance outperform those who stray from the guidelines. How much better? An 18 percent difference in stock performance. (Think about that the next time you hear about a CEO getting a huge guaranteed payout without recommended performance triggers.) Also on BNET1 today, Jessica discovers another report out from Kellogg's School of Management that shows how praise from managers can often make a bad situation worse -- another surprising "find" that every boss ought to be aware of.

Know about another new study or link that deserves to be on the BNET1 stage? Offer your suggestions here. And let us know what you think about the new BNET1 in comments.

-- Jeff Davis, BNET executive editor