The Mount Vernon Statement: Fake Adolf Hitler Punks Conservatives

(Mount Vernon Statement)
NEW YORK (CBS) When a group of conservatives united online to sign "The Mount Vernon Statement" they didn't expect Adolf Hitler to join the party.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, a group that hoped to find an audience for its values of small government and resistance to President Obama got punked by several pranksters who put down fake digital signatures. Adolph Hitler (spelled incorrectly) was the first to sign. "Joe Dufus" also got in on the act.

According to the petitions Web site, "The Mount Vernon Statement" defines the conservative movement's "principles, beliefs, and values in light of the challenges facing the country and the need for Constitutional Conservatism since the Obama administration came to power."

The Web page, designed to look like parchment paper, debuted Wednesday, according to Its name references the Virginia town where George Washington lived.

But organizers told the Christian Science Monitor they were forced to shut down the virtual signing feature, claiming a lot of the patriots signing the petition "were playing games and posting vulgarities."

Doesn't sound like the Internet at all.