The In-Box Is Full

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It's time once again to do two things: wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and share with you some of the responses I've gotten to recent columns.

In A Thirst For E-Mail Etiquette, I said, "with apologies to TiVo and the cotton sweater," email might be the greatest invention of the past 50 years.

MARCIA disagreed: "I vote for Viagra."

In Daylight No Saving Time, I talked about having daylight-saving time in the summer when there's already plenty of daylight:

Jo Ann: "DST has no real effect on anyone except to annoy the hell out of them when it changes back to standard time. And vice versa."

EDWARD: "If God had intended us to work in daylight, He would have made days differently, and who are these impudent legislators to go about rearranging God's time?"

Worrying About Not Worrying was about the President's calmly low pulse rate and how it worries me that he isn't worried enough about things for it to be at least a little higher. Many people responded. In fact, Rush Limbaugh read my column on his show, and said he didn't know what to make of it. Some readers had no problem understanding it:

AARON: "You liberal wackos wonder why no one watches your news anymore."

ROGER: "It is to Bush's credit that he takes his work seriously enough to remain at peak physical condition."

LARRY: "Bush's great health and sharpness has led him to pick a vice president with a bad heart."

EDWARD: "Perhaps GW's good health may actually mean American taxpayers will be paying his pension longer than many other presidents, and I wish there was evidence that he would live usefully during his retirement."

GEORGE: "Your article about Bush's heartbeat assumes that he has a heart."

In Evolution Of A 'Theory', I talked about the "Intelligent Design Theory:"

MIKE: "Evolution completely contradicts the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and cannot be proven, experimented, or repeated."

JOHN: "Thank you for putting into words what so many of us in the scientific field have been feeling for so long. The entire idea behind the "theory" of Intelligent Design is a farce."

KENBET... "Your (column) was wonderful, and so precise ... But I'm afraid all the religious nuts ... will be banging your door down. Thanks for being so brave."

TUX: "Evolution is a religion."

MICHAEL: "I'm a pretty religious person, but I'm also an engineer.
Intelligent design is not science. And evolution is not religion."

CHRIS: "One day you will believe in the Bible."

MARY: "The bigger question is, how could we possibly have allowed one of these people to run this country? How #*&%@ Stupid are Americans?"

BRIAN: "It is up to folks to go to religious service if they want their children to get some creationism in all its myriad of forms. It seems anti-American to teach it in the schools."

In Bad News Is Big News, I talked about TV newscasters seeming to only want to talk about extreme or "bad" news:

AMANDA/TERESA: "This is why we turned off our TV about 4 years ago."

ROSS: "Thanks for the best short article on bad news journalism I have seen for a very long time. I am sure your colleagues won't appreciate it!"

CARL: "Am I the only one sick of the morons on the Weather Channel standing outside in a hurricane telling us that you'd have to be an idiot to be there standing in a hurricane?"

In Bullets And Blankies, I spoke about the movement to allow kids to hunt at a younger and younger age since a growing number of people think having age 12 as a minimum is too old: