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The Five Best Gadgets of 2009

Just when you think there couldn't possibly be anything new under the gadget sun, along comes something insanely cool and practical. This year was positively bursting with cool, practical gadgets; here's a list of our favorites:
  • Power Outlet with USB Ports True, it hasn't even shipped yet, but who can argue with a $10 wall-outlet replacement that provides two standard outlets and two USB ports? Ours is already on order.
  • The Coffee Cup Power Inverter Speaking of outlets, we're still ga-ga over this cup-holder-friendly inverter, which plugs into your cigarette lighter and "serves" two AC outlets and a powered USB port.
  • NeatDesk Desktop Scanner Scan and file business cards, receipts, and documents with the touch of a button. That's how simple the NeatDesk is. Granted, the $400 price tag is hard to swallow, but this is one of those gadgets that's worth the investment. I freakin' love this thing.
  • Verizon MiFi A 3G Wi-Fi router that's thin enough to slip into a pocket? It almost sounds made up, but that's the MiFi in a nutshell. Use it to broadband-power your laptops, iPod Touches, and any other gizmos in the vicinity. You can scoop one up for just $49.99 (an online-only promotion that's running right now), though you'll also have to pony up $60/month for service.
  • LaCie itsaKey USB Flash Drive It's a key -- get it? And it's also a flash drive, one that's available in 4-16GB capacities. Sadly, prices have actually gone up since we first loved on the LaCie ($24.99 for 4GB? Steep!), but show us another drive that's as hip, durable, and keychain-friendly.
Okay, that's our list! What gadgets made yours? Hit the comments and tell us about the gizmos that make your heart go pit-a-pat.

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