The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up: Creative edition

(CBS News) So each week I try to find a common thread to some of the videos in our Friday Music Round-Up to provide a theme. And I think the term "visual" sums up this week with the level of creativity involved in each one of these music videos. We start things off with the brand-new music video above for a band I absolutely love: Of Monsters and Men! Take a look and listen.

The music video for Of Monsters and Men's song "King And Lionheart" directed by WeWereMonkeys hit this week, and totally blew your blogger away with its dark, but beautiful, vocals and visuals. Another impressive piece of work from a band that I continue to sing endless praises for!

And next up in our journey is a band I hadn't actually been familiar with before, but am instantly a fan of now. Check out the awesome music video for Churchill's song "Change" below.

Normally we would highlight a creative and visual item here, but every single item chosen fits that bill this week. So we're just going to keep going. Up next is the new music video for Passion Pit's song "Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)". Click play to get things popping (quite literally!).

I've been listening to and loving Passion Pit for years, and they just keep continuing to deliver. Another phenomenal piece of work from an band that really thinks and plays outside the box! 

The Japanese word "katachi" means "shape" in English. Which is very fitting for this stop-motion work, created using approximately 2,000 silhouettes. Check out the music video for Shugo Tokumaru's song "Katachi" directed by Kijek / Adamski below.

And for our final item this week, we have for you a very candid, New York City moment in the form of a caught-on-tape video captured during a subway ride. Hop on the train and check out the lyrical and comedic stylings of Verbal Ase in our final video at the bottom. 

With that, I hope everyone enjoyed this week's Friday Music Round-Up and has an amazing upcoming weekend. Thanks, as always, to my colleague (and sounding board), Casey Glynn, for all of her help. And keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!