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The failed 2001 mission to kill bin Laden

The secret story of how an elite team of U.S. commandos chased and lost bin Laden's trail at Tora Bora, just ten weeks after 9/11

Just about everyone was surprised to learn that bin Laden had been hiding "in plain sight' for more than five years near the eastern border of Pakistan -- just 40 miles north of the country's capital, Islamabad. For years, conventional wisdom had bin Laden hiding in a cave or small village somewhere far west of there, perhaps in the mountains of Afghanistan.

You might remember that not long after the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden was in that area and he was very nearly killed there. Scott Pelley has the riveting story of the Tora Bora battle and the mission that failed to catch bin Laden, as told by a top secret American commando who was there.