The DS Lite Arrives

Nintendo DS Lite
GameCore is's video game column. This article was written by Chad Chamberlain

Since the launch of the Nintendo DS, game enthusiasts and non-gamers alike flocked to the handheld device. At first, the dual screen aspect of the Nintendo DS was met with much skepticism. However, as the number of titles available increased and proved that the dual screen could actually be used in interesting ways, its inclusion was appreciated.

But the innovations didn't stop there. Along with the microphone component (all you Nintendogs and Brain Age fans really dig this one); the touch screen soon became a great new way to experience gaming, albeit one that took some practice.

A few things still bothered even the staunchest Nintendo fans: the unit is bulky and its screen can strain the eyes. I believe the original GameBoy, of course, had a similar issue until they released the light attachment and then soon after that the backlight.

2006 might be Nintendo's year.

It started with the opening of the Nintendo World Store in the heart of Rockefeller Center, in Manhattan, New York. Now we have the midnight launch of the newly revamped Nintendo DS Lite on June 11th. Soon, we shall have the Wii.