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The Campaign Week Ahead

This is a short campaign week with events crammed in the weekend through Tuesday. All the candidates will take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday and most won't resume campaigning until the Sunday or Monday following Turkey Day. The big events to watch for are:

Monday, Nov. 22

Pat Buchanan delivers a major foreign policy speech at the CATO Institute in Washington.

Also in Washington, Steve Forbes is endorsed by a number of leading conservatives, including Lyn Nofziger, Brent Bozell, Richard Viguerie, Armstrong Williams, Paul Warwick and Don Devine. They will say Forbes is the "one true" conservative who can win. This group will make radio ads, write op-ed pieces and travel around the country spreading the Forbes gospel.

Bill Bradley gives a major speech on campaign finance reform in New Hampshire, where he will lay out his agenda and contrast his approach to that of Gore.

Tuesday, Nov. 23

Bush will campaign in South Carolina, a key early primary state. Last week in South Carolina, the Bush campaign began airing commercials on the candidate's commitment to a strong defense.

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