The Buck Stops Here: Pa. hunter charged with shooting deer from Walmart parking lot

Pennsylvania authorities have charged a man with reckless endangerment who they say shot and killed this 10-point buck from the parking lot of a Walmart.
(CBS/AP) BLAIRSVILLE, Pa. - They say you can get almost anything at Walmart. But the Pennsylvania Game Commission says one deer hunter took it too far.

Arcangelo Bianco Jr. is charged with reckless endangerment and hunting law violations for allegedly shooting across a highway to kill a 10-point buck he spotted in a Walmart parking lot last November.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, Bianco had been shopping at the store about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, and then saw the deer in the parking lot.

The charging documents state that when the buck ran around a corner of the store, Bianco hopped out of his truck, gun in hand, and "began firing multiple rounds at the deer."

Defense attorney Jason Huska declined comment Wednesday on the specific allegations but says his client denies wrongdoing. Bianco, 41, faces a preliminary hearing in May.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Jack Lucas says Bianco fired shots from in the parking lot, then retrieved the deer at the side of the highway opposite the store.