"The buck stops here" for Pa. cops, deer

Deer Headlights Thumb
This seems like an appropriate setting for a deer - as opposed to the carpet store in Castle Shannon, Pa., where a deer went on a rampage on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.
AP Photo/Rob Swanson
(CBS/AP) CASTLE SHANNON, Pa. - A deer in a carpet store did wall-to-wall damage before police near Pittsburgh could put an end to the rampage.

Jill Horvatic, an employee of Stout Carpeting in Castle Shannon, said she hid while the animal ran around, crashing into displays and damaging other items Tuesday.

Horvatic told WPIX-TV,  "I was shaking. I haven't felt like that ever in my life. For 20 minutes all I heard was banging and glass shattering. It was horrifying."

The store has been cleaning up ever since.

Police were able to get the run amok buck out of the store before anybody got hurt.