The Backstreet Boys debut new Christmas song

The Backstreet Boys are officially back!

Though they've reunited since their original boy band days, their new single It's Christmas Time Again is the first since member Kevin Richardson decided to return, and let's be honest ... it wasn't really The Backstreet Boys without him right?

"We're so proud of this new song," Carter told AOL Music about the new single. "There aren't that many original holiday songs out there -- which is so crazy to say -- and we really feel we made a timeless contribution to the season and a song our kids will be listening to. Plus, we have our boy Kevin back in the studio with us. This is a really exciting time."

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Of course, this isn't the first time BSB has tried their hand at a Christmas song. They released Christmas Time in 1996.

Though this time around, instead of a ballad, the boys keep it upbeat with the catchy single.

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But we have to ask ... is this better than *N Sync's now holiday classic Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays?

Give it a listen and weigh in below.