"The Amazing Race": One hot camel

Baseball wives Kim and Nicky must drive a dune buggy through the desert to find the next clue on "The Amazing Race," Nov. 17, 2013.

Every time I warm up to an "Amazing Race" team this season, they get eliminated.

Chester and Ephraim? Gone. Bearded buddies Brandon and Adam? Bye! And, after Sunday's episode, we can add baseball wives Nicky and Kim to that list.

They started this leg of the race, which continued through the United Arab Emirates, in last place and never caught up, thanks to a Speed Bump they needed to complete and a U-Turn courtesy of the still-awful Marie and Tim. It was fun while it lasted, Bunnies.

Let's go through the leg from the beginning -- the first thing teams had to do was use those Viking coins they collected back in Norway to decipher a code to unlock a (product placement!) car, which they then used to drive themselves out to the sand dunes and maneuver a dune-buggy around a course for their next clue.

It was here that the bunnies (or ninjas, as Nicky said they were now calling themselves) fell even further behind the other teams - they burned out the clutch on their dune-buggy by getting stuck in the sand and had to get a replacement one.

Next, a Detour -- "Wedding Guest" or "Beauty Contest." The first option required teams to measure/chop/prepare ingredients for a dish, "Top Chef" style, while the other had them selecting and dressing up a contestant to be judged in a beauty contest -- oh, and that "contestant" would be a camel.

Married ER docs Nicole and Travis decide to do neither and use their Express Pass, heading straight to the next destination: The Double U-Turn board. They decide to U-Turn the Afghanimals, because they had denied U-Turning Brandon and Adam on a previous leg. "The fact that they would just look us in our face and just lie to us -- it was just like, whatever, here's your U-Turn," Nicole explained.

Leo and Jamal start with the food-prep challenge, only to switch halfway through when they decide it's taking too long (little do they know, they'll be doing both anyway). Everyone else goes for the camels, who are most definitely not up for being dressed up and shown off to the judges.

Tim and Marie finish early but are not able to find the Al Jahili Tower, even though it is basically right next to where their Detour was and seemed to be pretty clearly labeled. They get really lost for a while (much to the delight of Jason and Amy, who pass them after completing the challenge) but eventually get their bearings and U-Turn Nicky and Kim as payback for their stunt with the Lisbon flight's standby list so many episodes ago.

Teams then had to drive to Wadi Adventure, home of the world's largest man-made whitewater rapids, for a Roadblock: With the help of a guide, one member of each team had to navigate a raft and collect three flags suspended above the course. For a moment, it looked like the Bunnies could catch up as Ally and Ashley got lost, but then they had to tackle a Speed Bump (an extra task only they had to do, for coming in last during a non-elimination leg) before they could take on the rapids -- they have to swim from one end of a giant wave pool to another and climb a rope ladder.

Nicole and Travis come in first place and each win a car. Jason and Amy continue their run of second-place finishes, Tim and Marie take third and the Afghanimals and Ice Girls take fourth and fifth, respectively. Nicky and Kim arrive last, and, as Phil Keoghan somberly informed them, they wouldn't be escaping elimination this time.

Tell us: Are you sad to see Nicky and Kim go?