"The Amazing Race" gets down and dirty

Bopper and Mark hose down a stranger who had taken a bath in bubbling oil
CBS Photo
Bopper and Mark hose down a stranger who had taken a bath in bubbling oil
CBS Photo

(CBS NEWS) Colorful costumes, medieval architecture and oil baths at the spa greeted teams Sunday as "The Amazing Race" visited the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

In what was possibly the wackiest task yet, when teams had to use shoe horns to scrape oil off men who took therapeutic oil baths at the local health spa. They also had to escape from a capsized helicopter cabin and, for those who opted out of the oil baths, search an old car filled with apples for the one piece of fruit with an "Amazing Race" tag. (SPOILER ALERT)

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At the start of the episode, teams were offered a fast forward - a difficult task that allowed the team who finished it first to go straight to the pit stop. The down side of trying this - as Joey "Fitness" and Danny discovered - was that the losing teams in the fast forward have to go back and complete the whole race.

The Long Island  friends  and Iraq vet Dave and his wife Rachel both tried the Fast Forward, which was unloading bales of hay from a truck and stacking them in a prescribed formation.

Dave and Rachel finished first, and for the second time this season, became the first team to reach the pit stop. They each won a new Ford Taurus. "Joey Fitness" and Danny had to go back and start all over a gain. They never caught up and were eliminated when they were the last team to reach the pit stop.

The jokes flew as the teams took part in the spa challenge. "This is wicked strange," said one contestant as Art and J.J. described their spa patient as "a Nutella-covered man."

The challenge, by the way, was to demonstrate how oil-rich Azerbaijan is - they even bathe in the stuff.

Among the cutest moments was when Mark told Nary that Bopper has a crush on Jamie. Who knew? Certainly not Nary. Or Jamie.

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