"The Amazing Race": Brains, brawn and speeding tickets in Botswana

Choosing to take the Fast Forward, Hockey brothers Bates, left, and Anthony must water ski in crocodile-infested waters on "The Amazing Race," March 31, 2013.

Seven teams were still left in "The Amazing Race" when Sunday's episode kicked off in Botswana, and by the time it ended another team was going home.

Car trouble proved to be an issue for two different teams this week. First, country singers Caroline and Jennifer were pulled over and issued a ticket for speeding -- and they were shocked that they couldn't talk their way out of it. The two were forced to go to the local police station to pay a fine.

The same thing happened to newlyweds Max and Katie later in the episode, except that Max also immediately backed their car into a pole at the police station. Luckily, the damage seemed minor enough that they were able to drive off and continue the race.

Unbelievably, even with those setbacks (and the Speed Bump the newlyweds incurred for finishing last during last week's non-elimination episode), neither team was eliminated during this leg.

Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony started the leg in first place and opted to do a Fast Forward that had them water skiing for a mile in a crocodile-infested river. That let them skip all the other tasks and head to the Pit Stop, where they picked up their third first-place finish and won $15,000.

Because the other teams couldn't do the Fast Forward, they went on to a Roadblock that asked, "Who wants to go up a creek without a paddle?" That meant that one member of each team had to transport a baby goat upstream in a dugout canoe.

Once they completed that task, there was a Detour waiting for them: Brains or Brawn. Brains required teams to ride horses around a safari lodge and spot 10 animal silhouettes, then put 10 matching animal tiles in the same order. For Brawn, teams had to fill a cart with wood, which then had to be pulled by a team of donkeys a half-mile.

Pam and Winnie, who started the leg towards the front of the pack, fell behind as they struggled to corral the donkeys. They switched tasks, but only managed to spot some of the animals. After failing twice, they switched back to the donkeys.

That decision put them in last place. When they arrived at the Pit Stop, host Phil Keoghan informed them they were the final team to arrive and were now eliminated.

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