"The Amazing Race:" A New Tune For One Team

The 11 teams competing in the newest installment of CBS's series, "The Amazing Race." (John P. Filo/CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) A cappella singers Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz are singing a new tune after being kicked off of "the Amazing Race" Sunday on what was their college graduation.

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The two had missed their Princeton graduation to take part in the CBS TV show and at the day of their Princeton commencement, they came in last at the pit stop at the Norway-Sweden border. To mark the occasion, the two sang an a cappella rendition of "Pomp and Circumstance " at the finish line and tossed their hats into the air.

"We graduated from Princeton," Connor told host Phil Keoghan, "and we graduated from the race too. All in one day."

This leg of the race took place in Scandinavia and featured challenges involving an ice hotel, a summer dogsled race, sledding and tent-building.

Father-and-son team, Michael and Kevin, who came in last in last week's non-elimination leg of the race, made a nice comeback, completing their penalty task in 10 minutes and ending up in the middle of the pack at the finish line.