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The Amazing Race

Tyler and James start off the race in Ukraine, where teams must now fly to Morocco and find an antique shop. At that antique shop, they must pick a lucky necklace that will bring them good fortune later in the race. After they pick the necklace, they will be given their next clue.

Tyler and James immediately make it clear that they would not like to be against the blondes, Kandice and Dustin, in the final three. They feel they are too fierce, and I agree. But they deserve to be in the final three, in my opinion.

It's fierce at the airport, and Rob decides to mess with them a little bit by telling them they got on an earlier flight, which doesn't exist. Dustin and Kandice are on an earlier flight than the rest, but have a tight connection that they can't make. This may take the blondies out of the race.

This puts ALL teams on the same flight, so they are all equal when they land. I hate this part of the show because these equalizers can really mess up a team in first that has raced hard to be there. My opinion only, but it bugs me.

I am also not understanding the anger towards Dustin and Kandice from Tyler and James, Rob and Kim, and Lyn and Karlyn. It seems all the other teams may be a bit jealous of the girls for competing so hard and doing so well, but that's what this game is about.

After jewelry shopping teams heads to a movie set in the desert (so cool), and we get the first YIELD of the race. The team that's gets yielded must wait until the hourglass runs out to continue the race. With a tight race like this, a team that gets yielded could get eliminated.

The teams must all sleep overnight because Atlas studios doesn't open until the morning. Lyn and Karlyn are in the lead as of now, but in the morning it's a foot race to the yield box. Dustin and Kandice are second to last to get to the yield box and yield Lyn and Karlyn, who were last to get there. It's mean, but its good TV!

After all that yield nonsense, the teams get to ride in a chariot! This challenge is great. While riding in the chariot, teams must pull down colored flags to finish the challenge. Gladiators start your horses! Dustin and Kandice, and Rob and Kim kick butt first on the horses.

After a horse race, teams must travel to a local café for their next clue. Rob and Kim are the first team this episode to get a flat tire. At the café, there is a detour; throw it or grind it. In throw it, teams must find a pottery shop and throw two proper pots. In grind it, teams must find a horse race and olive farm and use an olive mill to grind 77 pounds of olives and fill pressing sleeves. There are only three workstations in each detour, so it's first come, first serve.

All teams decided to do the olive press but Tyler and James, Lyn and Karlyn, and Rob and Kim are the first three teams to make it there, so Dustin and Kandice are pushed out because they got lost. Looks like Dustin and Kandice wasted that yield on Lyn and Karlyn because they are ahead of them now!

After some olive pressing is the next pit stop! Tyler and James are the first team for the second week in a row to get to the pit stop, and with the luck of the necklace they picked they get a free cell phone and free service for a year. Right on their heels were Lyn and Karlyn — even with the yield they came in second. Good for them. Rob and Kim are team No. 3 and Dustin and Kandice are last but are not eliminated. They must come in first on the next leg or incur a 30-minute penalty.

Phew, this was a good one!

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