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The Amazing Race

Warning, the show started late again. Darn you CBS!

The race continues from last week since there was no pit stop — just a "keep racing" sign.

Teams are on their way to Ukraine where they must find a Russian-make car to get their next clue. But the kicker is that the clue only hints about Chernobyl, so teams must figure out that Chernobyl is in Ukraine.

Lyn and Karlyn who are supposed to have an alliance with the Cho brothers, seem to be taking off on their own and leaving the Cho bothers in their dust.

But it seems there are no more flights to Ukraine leaving tomorrow morning, so everyone gets to sleep over and rest for a night. All the teams get a flight that arrives at 1:35 p.m. except Tyler and James, and Dustin and Kandice. They are going through Vienna but arrive at the same time. So a fresh start for everyone — so you think! The Warsaw flight is delayed a half-hour, so that leaves a half-hour buffer for Dustin and Kandice, and Tyler and James.

Once in Ukraine, they must drive 58 miles to a military training facility to find their next clue.

The Cho brothers have NO CLUE where they are going and are asking everyone in sight. Lyn and Karlyn are still following them but becoming more and more frustrated with watching them run around and waste time asking for directions. I would get out of there, ladies, and try it on your own before too much time has passed.

Rob and Kimberly are up to their usually bickering as they drive to the roadblock. I don't think I have ever heard them say anything nice to each other this whole race.

Roadblock — one team member must drive a tank through an obstacle course! This roadblock is awesome. Who wouldn't want to drive a tank? Model Tyler not only crashes into beauty queen Dustin's car, gets splashed in the face with mud, but gets BEAT in the race by Dustin. Ha! Love it.

After the tank fun, teams must go back to Kiev and find a marked apartment to get their next clue.

Rob and Kimberly have major car problems. Smoke is pouring out of their hood. This may be tragic for them if it is enough time for other teams to catch up.

Detour ... making music or finding music. In making music, teams must find an underground hip-hop club and must write and perform a rap song that includes all the places they have been on the race, and one of their local rap stars will approve the rap and give them their next clue. In finding music, teams must travel to the national music academy and search through thousands of pieces of music for a certain song. Once they find it, they must give it to a pianist to perform.

And this is where my TiVo cut off because the show started late! CBS, stop doing that. But thanks to my informants, I can tell you that the Cho's really had a bad leg of the race. They got pulled over by a local cop — that really hurt them. Ultimately they were eliminated from the race. But they got all mushy and said how they played fair and their friendship has grown.

Till next week, where hopefully they will start on time.

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