The 8 Stupidest Management Fads of All Time

Last Updated Aug 25, 2011 8:16 PM EDT

Into the life of every office worker, some rain must fall... and often that rain takes the form of the latest jackass fad that your management latched onto. In most cases, a new management fad means endless meetings, new buzzwords for the office toadies, and extra work that ends up either driving you crazy or your company out of business.

This post contains the eight most heinous, stupid, painful and useless management fads that I've ever encountered. It also provides invaluable advice for how to survive the fad until it finally goes away. (Which it will... eventually.) Of course, a fad usually goes away because management latched onto a new one, but hey, nobody said work life would be easy.

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Ilustrations by Afiat Sukmaraga

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