The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll

Nov. 1, 2009 Edition: Check Out The Results And Weigh In!

The future of America's healthcare system has arrived front and center in the national dialogue. As the politicians and the lobbyists debate the details of how billions of dollars will be divvied up between Insurance Companies and their clients (aka hard working Americans), the 60 Minutes/ Vanity Fair poll begins with two questions concerning the actual health of Americans.

The first question asks what changes Americans are making as a result of concerns about the H1N1 virus. It appears the vast majority of people will do nothing different or simply wash their hands more often. A small minority said they would refrain from kissing or shaking hands. So guys, at the end of a date if you get a handshake instead of a kiss, she's not worried about getting the flu, it's still your breath.