The 50 greatest TV characters

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"The Cosby Show" cast

(CBS) So we put together this list of the 50 greatest TV characters ever for a couple reasons: 1) It was fun; and 2) In the last decade there has been some of the best - and worst - television ever created, making a list that much easier to compile.

Pictures: The 50 greatest TV characters

Already in the office the list has generated some good-natured controversy. One of my colleagues said, "You forgot John Locke" (from "Lost," played by Terry O'Quinn). And another said, " Dave Crabtree from 'My Mother the Car'? Dude, this is an OUTRAGE." (Crabtree was the main character on that show, played by Dick van Dyke's brother, Jerry.)

You probably won't be surprised by some of our choices (Huxtables, Doogie Howser) but will be perplexed by others (Edith Bunker instead of Archie?). If you feel strongly about who may be missing - or just as importantly, who shouldn't be on the list at all - let us know in the comments.

You should also know we don't consider this list to be the final word on greatest TV characters - despite calling it "The 50 greatest TV characters" - just a good start.

And please take our poll and let us know who's the best of the best. We're sure some of you can't imagine why Gidget, Urkel and Adam from "Eight is Enough" didn't make it.