The 5 Worst Things About the iPhone 4

Last Updated Jun 9, 2010 8:47 AM EDT

Not everything that glitters is gold, and not everything about the iPhone 4 is, well, golden. Sure, there's much to like about the new model, starting with the Five Best Things About the iPhone 4 I listed earlier.

But let's face it: there were some disappointments, too. Let's take a look at five ways Apple missed the mark:

1. The design I'll reserve final judgment on this until I can actually hold one in my hands, but I think Apple's design team beat the iPhone 4 with an ugly-stick. It's a slab, not an elegantly rounded and tapered thing of beauty like previous models. I mean, look at it:

2. "iOS 4" I understand the logic behind ditching the "iPhone OS" moniker, as the operating system also runs on iPads and iPods. But "iOS"? Bleh. Even Palm's misguided "WebOS" is better than that.

3. No Verizon If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they wouldn't buy an iPhone because they couldn't get it on Verizon, I'd have a wheelbarrow full of nickels. You really have to wonder what AT&T is giving Apple for this exclusivity contract. Daily deliveries of gold bullion? Free hookers? What?

4. Video calling (a.k.a. FaceTime) Meh. Video calling looks cool in the movies, but in the real world it's awkward and unsatisfying. Plus, it's not exactly comfortable to hold your arm perfectly steady in front of you for the length of a typical call. These are among the reasons I think FaceTime will be a flop.
5. The higher-resolution screen Call me crazy, but to me the new "retina" screen just seems like overkill. How much sharper do we need a 3-inch screen to be? I've never once looked at my 3GS and thought, wow, if only this had four times as many pixels. And you know what? More pixels consume more power. I'd much rather have four times the battery life.

And don't even get me started on iAds! (Granted, that's more of an iOS 4 thing.)

Your turn: what iPhone 4 features (or lack thereof) made your "worst" list? Hit the comments and let the arrows fly.

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