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The 5 Main Reasons Sales Calls Fail

Ever wonder why some face-to-face sales calls win, but others fall flat? Wonder no more. According to sales uber-guru Neil Rackham, there are five main reasons for failure during a B2B sales call. And, luckily, they're ALL within YOUR control. Here they are:

A sales call is a waste of time if...

  • REASON #1: can't provide the customer with insight and information that the customer would normally pay to receive.
  • REASON #2: can communicate about your offerings, but know little or nothing about the customer's industry and competition.
  • REASON #3: can articulate the value of your offerings to the customer, but not the value of doing business with YOUR firm.
  • REASON #4: need to ask the customer contact questions that you could easily learn by browsing around on the Internet.
  • REASON #5: have not previously determined that this customer is financially capable of buying your firm's offering.
READERS: Any more reasons come to mind?
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