The 30 best iPad games

Screen shot from Machinarium
Scott Stein/CNET

Sorting through the clutter and deciding which games to buy for your iPad is no easy task. There's no shortage of titles and the number of contenders keeps mounting. So which ones are the best? Our sister site at CNET has taken on the task and put together a list of top titles that meets the criteria for a good iPad game.

And just what does make a good iPad game? Here's their litmus test.

  • It's gotta be fun (obviously).
  • Ergonomics (are the gameplay and control scheme well-suited to the iPad?)
  • Uniqueness (though many iPad games play well as upconverted, higher-resolution versions of their iPhone predecessors, we respect new, iPad-exclusive games).
  • Value (some of the best iPad games currently carry high price tags, but we also tried to include titles we thought were simply a good value).
  • Show-off quotient (extra points if the game flat-out looks good).

And so with no further ado - and in alphabetical order - CNET's picks of the litter. (Feel free to sound off with your own picks (or criticize our choices) in the talkback section below.