The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Drug-inspired cat food ads! Plagiarized Coca-Cola commercials! Hilarious security camera footage! It all happened in February 2010:
  1. Security cam catches Mullen creative director walking into glass door Debate over whether this was staged or real. Either way, it's funny.
  2. Is it NSFW if it's only text? German condom ad consists entirely of carefully arranged fonts, but they're totally doing it.
  3. What a long, strange trip this Friskies ad is Inspiration for cat food commercial drawn directly from lyrics to Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, by the looks of things.
  4. Porn actor "help wanted" ad banned in the U.K. Upfront payment was required of potential woodsmen. In other news: Those ads actually work?!
  5. Coke Super Bowl spot copies Israeli milk ad frame for frame Irony! Wieden + Kennedy execs complained in the past about other people copying their work -- apparently it goes both ways.
  6. Blogger: "Alex Bogusky will pick his nose and fart in front of you" Surely Crispin Porter + Bogusky's lawyers are preparing a defamation suit over this bizarre rant?
  7. Is there nothing that WPP CEO Sorrell doesn't have an opinion on? Nationalize the newspapers before they go out of business! says Comrade Martin.
  8. ANC to Ogilvy: The check's in the mail! South African ad agency didn't get paid because it left an R17.5 million bill with the wrong security guard.
  9. Chocolate drink ad shows naked boys under a sunlamp This sort of thing was acceptable back in the mid 20th Century, apparently.
  10. Get a clue: DraftFCB appoints a "head of ideas" Isn't this just one step away from employing a guy to sit in an office and provide arguments, a la Monty Python?