That's My Child

The bond between parent and child is among the strongest human bonds. But what happens when several people say that they deserve to be parents of a single child? Who should decide and under what criteria? 48 Hours takes a look at several parents fighting desperately for custody of children that they believe are theirs. Will they succeed?

Saving Grace: Correspondent Bernie Goldberg reports on the story of baby Grace, who is at the center of a modern custody battle. Does providing biological material give a father the right to be a parent? Millionaire Texas car dealer Don McGill says it does. His ex-wife vehemently disagrees. Find out what happens.

Amanda's Story: After giving birth to a son, 19-year-old Amanda Kolle began suffering from postpartum depression. She gave her baby to a friend while she recovered. A few months later, when she went back for her son, she found that he had been given to another couple, who want to keep the baby. Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports on this tangled story.

Who's To Judge? After case workers decided that Leanore Weigner had allowed her children to be mistreated, case workers in Pennsylvania took them away from her. But critics argue she was a good parent. Will she regain custody of her kids? Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

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