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The only thing more predictable and unavoidable than the "holiday travel" stories we're now seeing are all those "what we are/should be thankful for" columns appearing in the local paper. We've taken the time to look through what's been published so far this year, and here's what we've learned:

According to the Christian Science Monitor, we should be thankful for "the amazing advance of technology," but wary of bloggers, or at least the ones "without credibility," who "spread misinformation to the unwary."

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, we should be thankful for mnemonics – "visual cues [with which] you can stay on top of your thankfulness." (More from the column: "Visual cue! Macy's star? See it and say thanks for something. Star? Thanks!")

According to the Associated Press, we should be thankful that someone else cooked the turkey.

According to the Kansas City Star, we should be thankful to Justin Timberlake for bringing sexyback. Also the McRib.

And according to the Aberdeen News, while we may be thankful for family, friends and food, we should also be thankful "for the plumbing issues that arise when those three elements combine on Thanksgiving." Yum!

These are only a few of the thankfulness stories out there today. And the real deluge, of course, comes tomorrow. Enjoy, if you can, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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