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Texting loved ones during a terrorist attack

Three survivors of the Algerian attack grappled with what to say to loved ones in phone calls and texts as al Qaeda was closing in

Who would you text if you found yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack? What do you say to loved ones if you think you might not see them again?

On 60 Minutes this week, Charlie Rose interviewed three men who faced that situation in the recent terrorist attack on an Algerian gas plant. Steve Wysocki, Mark Cobb, and Nick Frazier took cover in different hiding spots, but all three had access to a cell phone. What they decided to say in a series of texts and phone calls to their wives and families during the crisis is the subject is this week's 60 Minutes Overtime (video above).

"The Americans knew that they were the target," Charlie Rose told Overtime. "They were experiencing the sense of, What do I do when somebody's trying to kill me, and I don't know how fast it'll happen? You've got a cell phone-- who do you call? How do you calm yourself down? What do you think about?