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Texas School District Ditches Homework

Stephanie Lucero with CBS11 in Dallas/Forth Worth has the story of a pilot program for Texas middles schools that will include no home work for students.

What's the best way to educate our children? Should it be that if they cheat, they always get a second chance? What about late school work? Should students be allowed to turn it in at any time, no matter how late? One North Texas school district is considering some drastic changes like these.

According to several Plano Independent School District teachers, they have been informed that beginning next school year, homework will no longer be required for middle school students. And the grades for homework assignments that are assigned will not apply to students' report card grades.

Faculty members also told Lucero they think their students will suffer academically and the teachers will be held responsible. A lot of parents say they're unhappy with the plan as well.

There are other proposals on the table, such as reclassifying cheating as "academic dishonesty."

Here's the story and video:

Local Video from CBS 11 / TXA 21 in Dallas/Fort Worth

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