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Texas man confesses to killing his family, police say

Trey Sesler posted this this photo of himself pointing a gun on Facebook KHOU

(CBS/KHOU/AP) WALLER, Texas - A 22-year-old man has confessed to fatally shooting his parents and brother in their Texas home, say police.

According to CBS affiliate KHOU, investigators say Trey Sesler has contacted extended family members since his arrest Tuesday, saying he was sorry for killing his mother, father and brother.

Police found the bodies of 58-year-old Lawton Ray Sesler, his wife, Rhonda, 57, and their son, Mark, 26, in their home in Waller, about 40 miles northeast of Houston. The father's body was in a bedroom, the mother's in a garage and the son's in a hallway. Multiple rifle casings were scattered throughout the house, according to the arrest warrant.

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said the three likely died Sunday night. Authorities were called to the family's home Tuesday afternoon by relatives who were worried because they hadn't heard from the family members.

Authorities said Sesler spent time "grading" the work of serial killers and "researching mass shootings in public areas."

Smith said Sesler exhibited escalating criminal behavior that started with him killing pets, then setting fires and shooting at buildings.

Sesler was taken into custody after police found the bodies of his family members at their home in Waller, about 40 miles northeast of Houston.

In the criminal complaint filed with the court, police described finding writing on the walls that read: "I love my mom, dad and brother," "why did I do this," and "God forgive me, because I cannot forgive myself."

Relatives say they hope Sesler will find clarity during his time behind bars, KHOU reports.

"We just pray that Trey will get right in his thinking. His thinking is not right now. He's away from the Internet now," Sesler's cousin, Dr. Robin Warner reportedly said.

Sesler, who already was charged with murder and being held on a $3 million bond, was arraigned Thursday on a capital murder charge. Bond on the capital charge was set at $2 million.

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