Texas family's story of survival in deadly flood

A family caught chest-deep in floodwaters in San Marcos, Texas, one of the areas hardest-hit by a deadly storm, is sharing their remarkable story of survival, CBS News' Don Dahler reports.

Carlos and Kandi Cortez were home with three of their four children when they said the sound of rushing water woke them early Sunday morning as the nearby rising Blanco River started filling their home.

"What I noticed from the bedroom was the water go from a few inches to our chest in a matter of about two minutes," Carlos said.

Too dangerous to go outside, they stayed in their home.

"The plan was hold on for dear life," Carlos said.

That seemed like a good idea until they realized their flooded house might actually electrocute them.

"I thought something had bit me, and when it happened again I realized I was getting shocked," Kandi said.

Carlos spotted a ladder by the back door, so they headed to the roof, waiting for help from above. A helicopter from the Texas National Guard came to their aid.

Crews desperate to find a dozen missing in Texas flood

Jeremy VanAusdall, Josh Powell and Josh Tauer were part of the rescue team that arrived on scene.

"Reassured them everything's going to be all right, 'We're gonna get you out of here,' immediately called for a basket," VanAusdall said.

One by one, the guardsmen pulled the Cortez family to safety.

"The one that rescued me, he was, he was, he was my hero, he calmed me down," Kandi said.

On Tuesday, Carlos and Kandi were reunited with the men who saved them.

"The honor that comes from being able to help someone in their time of need, that's why we're here," VanAusdall said.

The Cortez family said they lost nearly everything in the flood. Their home is a total loss, but Kandi and Carlos are just glad their entire family is safe.

They are staying with relatives while they try to get their life back in order, and a friend set up a GoFundMe page to try and help them get back on their feet.