Texas college student alleges sexual assault by ride-sharing drivers

FORT WORTH Fort Worth and Texas Christian University Police are investigating a possible assault of a female student, she claims she was picked up early Saturday morning by two men claiming to be with a ride-share service, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

The possible assault happened just after midnight when the woman used her phone to get a ride-share pickup.  Two men arrived and called out the victim by name, police said.

“During the ride, the victim accepted an Altoid mint and (an) unsealed bottle of water, which she stated tasted funny,” Fort Worth Police Officer Gezim Polozani said.  “The victim advised that one of the males removed her pants and then she blacked out.”

Detectives said that when the student woke up she was in her dorm room, and one of the suspects told her to take a shower.

In an alert sent out to the campus, TCU Police reported the woman was dropped off near her dorm but made no mention of her being inside her room.