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Texan survives being hit by lightning twice

SAINT JO, Texas An off-road racing enthusiast has survived being struck by lightning twice during the same storm in North Texas.

Casey Wagner, 31, said Sunday that doctors told him a tingling feeling would last for about a week.

CBS affiliate station KTVT-TV reports Wagner was at an off-road competition in Saint Jo, 85 miles northwest of Dallas, when storms arrived.

Wagner and his two friends were looking for shelter from the storm when they stopped under a tree. Wagner's friend left in search of a bathroom and Wagner was left there with his friend's father.

They were standing about 5 feet away from each other when lightning struck.

"What I remember is just a loud boom and it dropped me to my knees and then it hit me again," Wagner said. "When I got hit, it was just two big ol' flashes and then sparks went everywhere."

Wagner said he felt electricity shoot up through his right boot and into his body.

The electricity swept across his chest, then out his near his left wrist.

A nurse who happened to be nearby cared for Wagner until he was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Wagner says he believes God kept him alive — and he plans to start going to church more.