Test Your Sales Skills: Can You Move This Deal Forward?

Last Updated Sep 14, 2010 1:25 PM EDT

SCENARIO: You've been ask to give a presentation to a high-powered group of executives who are known to like presentations that are "information rich." When you sit down to write out your notes, you come up three different scripts, each taking a different approach to a key slide. Your challenge is to decide which approach will be most effective. Here's the slide (which unfortunately, it's too late change):

And here are the scripts:
  • SCRIPT #1: "We helped G.E. break into the China market. Our state-of-the-art solution was installed over a five-year period and included inventory control over a wide variety of key product categories. We improved the efficiency of the overall inventory management by an average of 35 percent and were recognized by top management as a key element of their strategy."
  • SCRIPT #2: "Our solution will save you 35 percent of your inventory costs through elimination of excess inventory. 35 percent! That's a number I want you to remember. We're willing to contractually commit to this figure because we had a similar engagement at G.E. that achieved a 35 percent savings which came out roughly $1.1 billion, according to their annual report."
  • SCRIPT #3: "Let me tell about the time I met Jack Welsh. He was at the debriefing that we gave to G.E.'s board of directors. He's a lot shorter than he looks on camera, but let me tell you, when he smiled and said that we had done a good job, I never felt more proud in my entire life. And with good reason, because we saved them $1.1 billion a year - according to G.E.'s annual report!"

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