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Tesla's "insane" mode makes passengers freak out, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include rabbit beer delivery, Tesla Model S P85D's "insane" mode, Lars Andersen's amazing archery, a new way to look at the NHL, a snow day sing-along and President Obama rocking some "Uptown Funk."

First up, Wallace TheMadKing posted this adorable video of a neat trick he taught to his girlfriend's rabbit... how to deliver beer.

DragTimes posted this video displaying the new Tesla Model S P85D electric sportscar. The sleek vehicle actually allows drivers to switch it's acceleration mode from "sport" to "insane," triggering a turbo boost that takes riders from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. These people are experiencing that silent power for the first time.

This video, posted by larsandersen23, has exploded online, getting over 21 million hits in just five days. It features Lars Andersen showing off his amazing archery skills and pulling off trick shots most would consider impossible.

Sports fans rejoice. Watching games is about to get a whole lot cooler, starting with the NHL. The hockey organization announced they've teamed up with GoPro and will be displaying hockey from stunning first person perspectives, for views like fans have never seen before.

Moses Brown, a Quaker school in Providence, Rhode Island, closed due to the big, bad Northeast blizzard. So, to let parents, students and staff know about their snow day, Matt Glendinning, the head of the school, made this fantastic music video called "School is Closed," a parody of "Let it Go" from the oh-so-appropriate animated film Frozen.

Fresh off his 2015 State of the Union Address, President Obama is back in musical fashion thanks to YouTube's magical music mixer baracksdubs. This time the commander-in-chief is unknowingly rocking Mark Ronson's hit single "Uptown Funk," featuring Bruno Mars.

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