Terrilynn Monette Missing: Family and friends ask FBI to take over search

Terrilynn Monette
Terrilynn Monette

(CBSWWLTV) NEW ORLEANS - As of Sunday, Terrilynn Monette, a New Orleans school teacher, has been missing for 11 weeks, according to CBS affiliate WWLTV.

The station said Monette's family and friends are asking the FBI to take over the search. 

The teacher was last seen at a bar in the City Park area of New Orleans. A traffic camera took a photo of her in her car at a light after she left the night spot, reported WWLTV.

"I would like to see my baby's face splashed on every TV screen in the United States. It needs to be brought to everyone's attention. Not just here in Louisiana, but in other states," Monette's mother, Toni Enclade told the station.

According to WWLTV, authorities said that fewer tips are coming in about the young woman's disappearance and police have exhausted all leads.

"We're at a brick wall. We really don't know where to go next," Rep. Austin Badon told the station.

Monette's mother returned to her home in California but promised to keep coming back to New Orleans until authorities find her daughter, reported WWLTV.

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