Ten Angry Women Stop One Peeping Tom, Say Tenn. Cops


CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (CBS/AP) Police say "ten angry women" detained an accused changing-room peeping Tom at a thrift store in East Tennessee until officers arrived.

Church Hill police chief Mark Johnson told the Kingsport Times-News that a small hole between the men's and women's changing rooms at the Flashbacks and Reruns thrift store was allegedly discovered by a woman who dropped something on the floor.

Chief Johnson said that's when the group of irate women prevented the suspected peeper, 20-year old Bradley Wallen, from leaving the store by blocking a rear door.

Wallen, of Rogersville, Tenn., is charged with two misdemeanors, observation without consent and photographing in violation of privacy. He was released after his arrest Tuesday.

Our advice: don't return to Flashbacks and Reruns.