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Tech Legal Week: Apple, AT&T, and iPhones; FSF Sues Cisco; Yahoo Severance; More

Apple, AT&T look for dismissal -- Both Apple and AT&T are asking a New York court to dismiss one of the lawsuits over iPhone 3G problems, saying that the user agreement specifies arbitration for handset complaints. This is one of several iPhone lawsuits in progress, and you have to wonder if claims of misrepresentation are the same as complaints about handsets. [Source:]

Psystar shifts tactics -- Mac clone-maker Psystar is trying a new tactic in its counteraction to Apple's suit. Instead of an antitrust thrust, already flushed by the presiding judge, the company now claims that Apple is inappropriately using copyright law to shut down competition. [Source: CNET]

Yahoo ends takeover severance to end lawsuit -- To end a shareholder lawsuit, Yahoo has struck a clause in its severance package that would trigger severance payments to executives dismissed within two years of an acquisition. The number is now down to one year. Also, neither election of a new board nor selling of the search business is considered a change in ownership, which would also trigger severance. [Source: Reuters]

Intel fights Korean fine -- Intel has filed a complaint in Korean courts over a $19 million fine from the Korean Fair Trade Commission over anticompetitive behavior. [Source: Ars Technica]

Free Software Foundation sues Cisco -- After being sued by network maintenance vendor Multiven for alleged antitrust activities, Cisco now faces a suit from the Free Software Foundation for claimed copyright infringement. The FSF alleges that Cisco distributed the former's software without fulfilling the requirements of the associated General Public License. [Source: Ars Technica]