Tea Party Protests Rally Against Taxes

There have been fireworks for a different sort this Independence Day. Thousands of protestors held rallies in cities across the country, protesting big government, and big government spending, reports CBS News correspondent Terrell Brown.

"Letting Congress and the federal government know that we're displeased - we are very, very displeased with what they are doing to us and what they are doing to our future children," said Joe Stephanelli, from Morristown, Ohio.

Similar so-called tea parties sprang up around the country last April to blast the economic stimulus package, which was a movement championed by high-profile conservatives.

While many of the signs at the protests blame President Barack Obama for government overspending, the people CBS News talked to were just as upset with Republicans.

"I've been a Republican all my life, but I don't think I am anymore," said one woman at the rallies.

Political analysts say these rallies give conservative Republicans the unified front they desperately need.

"The movement certainly has given fiscal conservatives something to hold onto," said Poltico's Andy Barr. "You talk to a number of Republican strategists in Washington and they are all looking for ways to kind of grab that energy and put it into campaigns. So far they haven't done it."

It's energy Republicans seem to need now more than ever.

"The last few weeks they have taken a bruising from John Ensign, the senator from Nevada, Mark Sanford going down, and of course Sarah Palin resigning her spot yesterday," Barr said.

The organizers of the movement hope to take it nationally this fall.