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Taliban To The White House: "Stop Your Air Strikes Or Else …"

In a statement posted on the Taliban's website today, the group warned the Obama Administration, NATO and all other forces in Afghanistan against continuing their air strikes and said the Taliban would retaliate all over the world.

"The Islamic Emirate warns the Obama administration at the White House, NATO and invading foreign forces stationed in Afghanistan that such atrocities perpetrated against innocent Afghans would trigger our revenge throughout the world," the statement warned, adding that it would be a kind of revenge that would "leave no one feel safe anywhere."
The Taliban said it's statement comes in response to the "mass martyrdom of the innocent people of Farah Province." It urged all militant groups throughout Afghanistan to step up their attacks against U.S. and NATO forces to punish them for killing "over 100 people."

The Taliban also turned to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the ICC and human rights organizations urging them to fulfill their ethical and humanitarian responsibilities and work on bringing those responsible for the killings to justice.