Taliban Claim Responsibility For The Attack On U.S. Air Base In Khost

(Islamic Emirate Web )
In an Internet statement posted on the Islamic Emirate Web site, spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that 30 U.S. troops have been killed by 16 suicide bombers at an air base near the capital of Khost province.

Below is a full translation of the statement:

"After a wave of suicide and armed attacks targeting U.S. forces inside Sarsa Bagh air base near Khost City, capital of Khost province, the attack perpetrated by16 Suicide bombers led to the destruction of 4 security points, 2 helicopters and 8 tanks, as well as a number buildings, in addition to the killing of 30 American terrorists.
The suicide bombers carried their attack on the air base on the evening of 08/19/2008 in a battle that lasted until the the following morning.

Sixteen martyrdom fighters from the Islamic Emirate, armed with machine guns and explosives launched the attack on the centers of the occupation forces inside the air base. Fifteen of them carried out their suicide attacks successively against their targets, and only one martyrdom fighter got killed before he reached his target.

As a result of this historic operation, the American enemy forces were thrown into panic, and their helicopter spent the whole night evacuating the dead and the wounded.

The claim made by the Afghani traitor administration about the killing of 13 suicide bomber is utterly false. The heroes have all executed their martyrdom attacks against enemy forces and killed the above mentioned number.

The Mujahideen targeted the same base at 8:00 o'clock today, with 25 rockets, and also cause a lot of panic in the ranks of the occupation forces."