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Take in Barcelona through stunning time-lapse

(CBS News) Your blogger here is closing in on a vacation soon, so it only seems fair for me to provide you with a vicarious one of your own. While I'll be keeping my travel domestic, and am simply headed to the opposite coast, how about we all go international in the form of a beautiful, time-lapse trip to Barcelona? Grab your Internet passport and click play on the video above.

The stunning and very visual work displaying the Spanish city (with music by The American Dollar) is entitled "Midnight Barcelona" and was directed by Pau García Laita who writes:

A fast, modern look to the city of Barcelona, at night.
I've personally been to Barcelona quite a few times and cannot say enough how well this work captures the essence of the spectacular city. A big triple-rainbow salute of fast-paced visual flare goes out to Pau from all of us here at The Feed for this wonderful piece! And if you'd like to learn more about or see other work by Pau García Laita, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.
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