Take a stop-motion journey to Peru and Bolivia

(CBS News) Just because my passport is expired (and in desperate need of renewal), doesn't mean I can't experience some exotic locales vicariously through the "free-flights-to-anywhere" policy that Internet Airlines provides. So go ahead and click play on the video above to board this non-stop flight to Peru and Bolivia with me through the magical medium of stop-motion.

The swinging good time clip down south (with music by Soundroll) was posted on Vimeo by Timelapse Media who write about the artistic rendition of their travels:

A stop-motion journey through beautiful countries of Bolivia and Peru. If you want to teleport yourself to South America right away, just press PLAY.
A very cool perspective and opportunity for us all to take in some amazing sights and sounds whether our passport is current or not. (Obviously the latter in my case.) And to check out more creative work from Timelapse Media, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.