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Take a Stand to Keep Meetings Short and Productive

standup-meeting.jpgDon't take meetings sitting down. That's the advice of blogger and professional organizer John Trosko, who discovered the benefits of "stand-up" meetings:

Instead of sitting at a traditional conference table, we took the chairs out of the room and ran meetings while standing on our feet. Well, the length of the meetings DRASTICALLY dropped, because people didn't want to stand for long. Meetings went from 30-60 minutes to roughly 1/2 of that while still delivering meaty content. Neat, huh?
Very neat. In fact, I recently discovered that standing is a great way to shake loose writer's block: If I've been at my desk for too long and just can't crank out any more words, I'll move my notebook to a high table or countertop, then stand there and work for 10-15 minutes. I also find that I prefer to be standing when I'm on a business call, as my brain seems to work better when I'm moving around.

What's your take on stand-up productivity? Don't just sit there -- hit the Comments and give us your opinion! Photo by Toni Malin. [via]

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