Take a moment to relax with some chill music (and a little hypnosis)

(CBS News) It's that point in the week where the length of time between the upcoming weekend and the past weekend are equidistant. Memories of the fun that was had are fading, and plans for the fun that will be had are still too far away. So how about we all take a moment to relax with some music... and hypnosis. Go ahead and take a look and listen.

"Look into the spinning circle. You will feel calm, you will feel calm, you will feel calm..."

The very chill and beautiful music video with a bit of a "hypno toad" element was done by Kalle Mattson, who was previously featured here on The Feed for a creative music video with a history lesson twist. Props go out to Kalle from all of us here at The Feed for another great music video that hopefully helps us all temporarily forget just how far away the weekend really is. To check out more music from Kalle Mattson, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.