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Taco Bell, Kit Kat combine to concoct the "Chocoladilla"

Taco Bell weddings are officially a thing
Taco Bell weddings are officially a thing 00:47

Fans of the McChoco Potato and deep-fried Twinkies may soon be able to try another dish guaranteed to make foodies squirm. 

Behold, just in time for Halloween, Taco Bell's "Kit Kat Chocoladilla." According to Brand Eating, the restaurant chain is testing the dessert item -- which consists of melted chunks of the popular chocolate bar encased in a grilled flour quesadilla. However, it's available only at a handful of locations in Wisconsin. Prefer your Mexican grub with Twix? Taco Bell (YUM) has you covered, the food blog reports. 

And since you're likely to work up a powerful thirst after all that sugar, why not wash it down with a vanilla iced coffee, which Taco Bell is also said to be trying out. The cost for both items is $1.  

Taco Bell has a history of digestion-bending mash-ups, such as a burrito packed with Fritos corn chips, the late-lamented "Naked Chicken Chalupa" and, apparently also baring it all, the "Naked Egg Taco."

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