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Switch to Hotmail without Changing Your Current E-mail Address

You've already heard us say great things about the newest version of Hotmail. As Rick recently pointed out, Microsoft has done some impressive things, like let you play video right from the message preview, attach 10GB of photos, and filter your inbox to only show social networking messages. And that doesn't even start to touch on all the other improvements in Hotmail, like the new Sweep inbox cleanup tool.

That's great, but you've already got an e-mail address, right? The last thing you need is another. Thankfully, Microsoft has rolled out a way to use your existing e-mail from within Hotmail.

To give this a shot, you simply need to register a new Hotmail account with your existing e-mail address. Hotmail will then help you connect to your old e-mail service and import your POP mail. This also works if you have an existing Hotmail account; when you log in, it'll offer you the chance to use an existing e-mail account.

The Windows Live blog has more details, or just surf over to Hotmail and give it a trial.