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Sweat Lodge Guru "Abandoned" Participants

Last week, nearly two dozen people were hospitalized after participating in a retreat at a Sedona, Ariz., sweat lodge, and three people died.

The sweat lodge ceremony was part of a $9,000 per person retreat run by spiritual guru James Arthur Ray.

Dr. Beverley Bunn, an orthodontist from Texas, was one of the participants at the retreat. She spoke with "The Early Show"'s Harry Smith this morning, telling him that Ray had "abandoned" them, refusing to let anyone leave the sweat lodge while the door was closed.

"If the door was closed, you couldn't leave," she said. "If the door was open, you could leave. But the fifth round, a woman passed out and she was taken out. At the sixth round, they'd said that she passed out, she isn't breathing, but they yelled it out and stuff and by the time that they had actually said that and announced it, the door was closed. No one can leave when the door is closed," Bunn said on The Early Show.

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Bunn said that when she finally left the sweat lodge she could see several people lying unconscious on the ground outside. Some had mucus coming out of their noses and mouths; their eyes were rolled back in their heads.

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Bunn began putting people into teams to take care of one another. Her roommate at the retreat, Kirby Brown, was getting chest compressions. She later died.

Since the horrific events last week, they have heard little from James Arthur Ray.

"We never saw James Ray ever again and he's never contacted any one of us," Bunn said. "He doesn't know what some of us are going through."

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