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Susan Powell Update: Husband Josh Powell Says Wife Abandoned Family

Susan Powell Update: Husband Josh Powell Says Wife Abandoned Family
Josh Powell after a candlelight vigil for Susan Powell Dec. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear) AP Photo/Stephen Brashear

NEW YORK (CBS) Susan Powell, the Utah mother who disappeared in December 2009, ran away and abandoned her family according to her husband Josh Powell in a recent interview.

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While Josh Powell has remained relatively quiet since his wife's disappearance, he spoke at length with The Salt Lake City Tribune about what he believed happened to his wife and about what he calls the "hate wagon" that his in-laws and estranged sister have orchestrated against him.

Josh Powell claims that there's a history of mental illness in his wife's family; he describes his wife as being "extremely unstable" and believes it contributed to her running away.

Josh Powell says there is an orchestrated effort to harass him  - what he calls the "hate wagon" - and that Susan's parents Chuck and Judy Cox encourage their friends and supporters to post accusations of murder against him on Facebook. He says that the campaign against him has extended even to his son's school where there was apparently resistance among the parents to him being active with the PTA.

"I'm a Marvel Comics super villain," Josh Powell told the Tribune, referring to the media coverage surrounding the case.

Josh Powell tells the paper that he last saw his wife Dec. 7, 2009, when he left her at home and took their sons, then ages 2 and 4, on a late-night camping trip to the west desert in the family's blue minivan. He says when he and the boys returned the next morning Susan Powell was gone.


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