Survivor: Show's Over For Courtney

"My sisters that I unfortunately trusted turned on me. I guess they saw me as too much of a threat," said 31-year-old Courtney Marit, a performance artist from L.A., as she got the boot from "Survivor: Panama-Exile Island."

Well, it was a good run – and her ouster was not one of those cases of the whole gang uniting in rejection.

The ejection seat for Courtney came in a 3-2-1 split decision, largely due to the expert maneuvering of Cirie, a registered nurse, athlete, mother of six children, and a newlywed so disciplined she took off 30 pounds immediately before arriving to compete on "Survivor."

She's also confident – having predicted that she will be the sole Survivor because people love her cute, smiling personality.

Courtney had her chance to sound off on Friday, when she dropped by the CBS Early Show to tell her side of the story. She said Cirie turned out to be a "devious" competitor. "I had no idea that Cirie was such a wolf in sheep's clothing," she told co-anchor Rene Syler.

She was also disappointed in her failed alliance with Danielle. "We had a friendship, 30 days long," Courtney said. "I actually trusted her and that was a big mistake."

, shown only on The Early Show revealed another side of Courtney, as she did a slow dance with her luxury item: fire sticks.

"My fire equipment has been like all over the world with me. It just like represents a good time. It's like meditation. You're not thinking about the game. It's just like, it gives you a break. Fire is energy. It's warm. And for me, fire does represent, like, in my other life."

Episode 11 highlights: the pressure does seem to be ramping up. So much so that Shane is keeping his clothes on.

After weeks in the jungle, a brand new SUV is as attractive as water in a desert mirage. Just as useful, too – since boats are the way to leave.

The Gitanos, each hedging their bets just in case a vehicle might be needed soon, buckled down on a challenge in which they had only marbles and slingshots to work with to break the tiles needed to win a GMC Yukon.

Motivation enough to get the job done, by Terry, a 46-year-old commercial airline pilot and retired Navy fighter pilot who was glad to add the vehicle to his wheels collection.

Culinary moment: snails for breakfast.

Oh, yes: the breakfast of champions.

And one of them will be.

Stay tuned for Episode 12.