"Survivor Samoa:" Russell Strikes Again

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Russell does it again!

Having found a second immunity idol, he plays it at the second Tribal Council in a row. But unlike in last week's episode, when his turning in the idol showed his confusion and wariness, this production of the talisman demonstrated sharp strategic skills.

Survivor: Samoa

Leading up to the first council of the merged tribe last week, the members of the former Galu were close-lipped about whom they might vote for, making Russell and the outnumbered former Foa-Foas nervous. So Russell ended up playing the first idol, even though no one had written down his name. In the end, Galu decided to strengthen its tribe but narrow its 8-4 advantage by voting out one of its own - Erik.

Russell vowed this week that he would neither go home without having played the second idol nor play it again without good reason. Thus, the strategy of getting everyone in Galu to join the Foa Foas in planning to get rid of Russell.

Then at Tribal Council, Russell leaves most of Galu open-mouthed when he produces his second idol. This time, most of the votes in the urn were for Russell, who had immunity. Thus, Kelly from Galu was sent packing.

This still gives Galu a 6-4 advantage, you might say. Yes, but Galu has spent most of the season isolating Shambo and now it's payback time.

The next episode is going to pretty interesting.